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Bob Craycroft msv1.jpg An avenue in the Gardens of Versailles
msv2.jpg The Fountain of Apollo by Tuby (In the distance is the west facade of Versailles.)
msv3.jpg A view of the North Garden
John Poros msv4.jpg Chateau du Petit Trianon, begun in 1763-1768 for Louis XV
msv5.jpg Chateau du Petit Trianon with view of approach avenue, located in the French Garden
msv6.jpg The Latona Fountain (This view is looking from the east toward the west with Versailles is behind the viewer.)
msv7.jpg The French Garden Pavillion, built in 1750 by Ange-Jacu`ques Gabriel for Louis XV
Michael Fazio msv8.jpg A portion of the Latona Garden
msv9.jpg A view of the orange trees in the south garden
msv10.jpg Wing of Versailles with Mansard roof
National Museum of the Chateau of Versailles,
Jean-Marc Manai
msv11.jpg Eighteen Century Commode (chest of drawers) with three drawers in the marguetry style of Andre'-Charles Boulle (1642-1732)
msv12.jpg Portrait of Marie Antoinette of Austria, Queen of France by Elizabeth Louise Vigee Le Brun (1775-1842)
msv13.jpg Creation of the World Clock (1754) (Originally designed as a gift for a nobleman in India but kept by Louis XV at the Trianon, the clock was designed by Claude-Simeon Passemant [1702-1769] and executed by Roques, the Clock Maker.)
msv14.jpg Gobelin Tapestry: "Louis XIV Entering Dunkirk" Dec. 2, 1662 (This is the sixth piece from the third series of the "Story of the King" tapestries.)
msv15.jpg Chair from the Count of Artois's Second Turkish Room (One of six chairs delivered in 1781 near the end of Louis XVI's reign.)
msv16.jpg Replica of the diamond necklace created for Marie Antoinette in white sapphires and cut glass ("The Diamond Necklace Affair")
msv17.jpg Bust of Louis XIV, attributed to Pierre Puget (1620-1694)
msv18.jpg The Equestrian Statue of Louis XIV by Gian Lorenzo Bernini (1598-1680) (One of only three copies of this statue has been given to the State of Mississippi by Versailles. The copy is the center of the Exhibition.)
msv19.jpg Bed and tapestry of Louis XIV (At the bottom of the photograph is the gold gilded headboard which was refurbished in 1833 by Louis-Philippe and specially restored for the Splendors of Versailles Exhibit.)
msv20.jpg Candle Stand depicting a woman holding a horn of plenty (One of twenty-four new candle stands placed in the Hall of Mirrors in 1769 by Louis XV for the marriage of the Dauphin, the future Louis XVI, the candle stand was designed by Jacques Gondoin [1737 - 1818].)