Scavenger Hunt
(To be conducted at the exhibit)

Find the following items as you enjoy the
Splendors of Versailles exhibition.

  1. How many angels can you find in the Allegorical Portrait of Louis XIV by Antoine Coype?
  2. Name the artist who painted the Portrait of Marie Therese.
  3. What are each of the children holding in Pierre Gobert's Portrait of Madame Premiere ed de Madame Henriette?
  4. What piece of jewelry in Madame Pompadour wearing in Portrait of Madame Pompadour by Carle Van Loo?
  5. What color are Madame Elisabeth's eyes in Elisabeth-Louis Vigee Lebrun's Portrait of Madame Elisabeth?
  6. How many people can you find in the painting View of the Garden Facade?
  7. What animal appears in Michel Cornille's Zephyr et Flore?
  8. Name at least 7 objects that appear in Louis de Boullogne's Uraine and Melpomene.
  9. The Bust of Louis XIV by Marin Desjardins is made of what material?
  10. What color is Marie Antoinette's dress in Elisabeth-Louis Vigee Lebrun's Portrait of Marie Antoinette?
  11. Find the sailboat in Portrait of Louis XIV by Claude le Febvro.
  12. Find the owl in Jean Cotelle's Le bassine de Neptune.
  13. How many dogs can you find in Le cabinet du Labrinthe by Jean Cotelle?
  14. How many paintings do you see on the walls in the painting La chambre de Louis XIV by Francois Marot?
  15. Find the fountain in Francoise Stiemart's Portrait of Marie Leczszinska.

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